How to become a pilot in India?

Want to Become a Indian Airline Pilot?

Indian pilot
INDIAN Airline

Making a career as a pilot in India is often a lucrative option. However, it is not often the cup of tea of everyone. You may find it lucrative to a some extent; however, as you dig deep, you would understand how this occupation happens to be very much competitive and specialized in nature. You need to have the right set of knowledge and expertise in flying with an edge over subjects like air navigation, the skill to get the meteorological report interpretation right, and managing things better, managing the mechanical controls and working inside the aircrafts under adverse conditions. Being a pilot managing the commercial flights simply means you take the responsibility of the passengers, crew and aircrafts. So your lifestyle should have the right balance of things like discipline, patience, responsibility, self confidence, punctuality and commitment. At the very same time you should be competent enough to handle extra hours of working pressure and stress with utmost care and professionalism and have the right emotional stability to handle the crisis situations to become the best pilot. If you think you have all these attributes, you are fit to become a commercial pilot. Let’s explore the way you can become a pilot as under:

The primary requirements

Before you think of becoming a pilot, let’s check the basic requirements for the same, which is vital to check in order to get into this field. You are supposed to have your 10+2 with 50 % and more in subjects including English, Maths and Physics. Your age should be not less than 18 years for the commercial pilot license, while for private license the age is 16. The vision of your eyes should be perfect, which is described as 6/6 eyesight speaking in terms of medical terminology. The general physical fitness is mandatory and must be away from the medical ailments. With these requirements, you are supposed to qualify the written exams and the medical tests. If you are up to requirements, then you need to choose a good institute for getting the relevant training program, which can help in training and grooming to qualify the exam commercial pilot license. Once you get the license, you get the chance to apply for any airlines company.

Commercial pilot license
CPL require

The entrance exam

Once you suffice all your basic requirements, you are supposed to clear for the private pilot license, which makes you eligible for the commercial pilot license training and then the license. The exam is based on the flying experience you have for the PPL along with the basic of flying, which is conducted by agency called AFCME (New Delhi) or IAM (Bangalore) along with the medical and physical test as well. The test covers the subjects like air regulations, technical planning, aviation metrology and air navigation. All these exams are conducted every six times a year, while the number of hours in flying should be not less than 250 hours.

CPL entrance exam
Entrance exam

Choosing the best training institute

If you qualify the entrance exam for the pilot license, you now have to enroll in a good flying training institute, which has to be recognized by DGCA, which is basically a regulatory authority that cover aviation training, managing and controlling this sector. This is the body that organizes the test several times a year that you are supposed to be clear once you complete the training. Once you enroll for any program in the chosen institute you get 129 hours of flying training that you are supposed to complete in 250 hours. You can find the training facilities in a number of flying clubs, which is based in Rae Barely along with other places including the local and global places like Canada, Middle East , Europe, US, Australia, etc.

best training school
Bluebird flight academy

Crack the commercial pilot test

When you complete the said training of commercial pilot license, you become eligible to apply for the pilot’s license. After you complete the training you are supposed to appear for this test and once you clear it you end up getting the license. This will therefore help in applying for the different airlines company. The training you pursue would help in cracking this exam. And once you clear the exam, you end up getting the license.

The expenses

Entering into this domain is often an expensive affair. Becoming a pilot in India, is also a costly affair. If you check the amount of money, you need to invest; the cost could range from 8 to 15 lakhs. So, if you have that amount of money, then you are free to become a pilot. But don’t worry, if you cannot afford that much, you can think of getting aid/scholarship for the same.

Usually the cost of the commercial license training program in India and even in abroad is often an expensive affair. As per reports, you need to invest minimum eight lakhs, which can even go up to around 15 lakhs. Once you complete your commercial pilot license training program, you have the option of even multiplying your flying hours, login for 750 hours of flight time, clear all the requisite papers and thus gain the license for senior commercial pilot.


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