How to Choose Best Flying School in Canada?

Learning to fly is often one of the most incredibly rewarding adventures, which many people dream to do one day. Here you get the liberty to move in the three dimensions, which is not only a fun and adventure stuff but can even offer you one of the interesting career options.

  In order to benefit the best from the aviation career, you are supposed to have a tangible kind of information on aviation training, which offers you safe, confident and secured pilot training in air. One of the key steps in this process includes finding out the best flying school. Without having aviation experience on which you need to base your decision, choosing the right flying school in Canada can be a formidable job. Aviation career is procedural, which is certainly not suited to impatience. Whether you are flying the airplane or choosing in any school, making hasty and rash decisions can cost you in big way. Similar should be your approach while choosing a good flying school. The following tips can help you in this regard; let’s have a look at them:

career in flight training

Check the Logistics

The very first element to check while deciding upon one of the best flying school is to start with the logistics it encompasses. First things first, calculate the expenses the school incurs at the front. As different schools vary in terms of fees and rates and in terms of the availability of financial aid, which may not be available in all the schools. Hence in the very first step you should get the comprehensive quote from the top five schools (at least to compare and choose the competitive one), which should cover incidental fees like written tests, check rides, equipments, taxes, etc. Also, check the insurance coverage of the flight school as it should be able to protect you from the liability while using their equipment. Lastly, in this head, you are supposed to check the school locations. If your area fails to have good flying schools, instead of choosing the lower quality schools it is always better to relocate to a place wherein you can find one of the best school. Consider the school having a busy aviation neighbourhood, which can offer you additional training opportunities including communicating with the help of control tower and navigating the restricted airspace.

Check the quality of instructions

The other vital element to check in a flying school is the quality of instructions. For this, you are supposed to meet the flight instructors of your potential school. Talk to them about your objectives and the way they train. Consider any cheaper introductory flight and choose any instructor whom you can find worthy to deliver quality training. You can schedule your session with the chosen instructor and then can develop a good rapport with the said instructor. Secondly, check the number of flight instructors in the staff list of your potential school, which is backed by a master rating. The schools with more number of master instructors will be competent enough to render your higher quality instruction. Cross check the range of pilot ratings found at your potential flight school and lastly consider a school, which can offer you a complete range of ratings including private pilot and certified instructor. Lastly inquire about any additional training amenities, which can be included in the program including the study areas and the free practise test sessions. All these features would help in boosting up the quality of your training and thus showcase their commitment to its students.

Check the Equipments

Last important element to check is the equipments. Count the total number of aircraft the school has. If you find the school having only limited number of aircraft as compared to too many, it can take more time and cost to finish your training program. Secondly inspect the quality of the aircraft. A good amount of planes and equipments should be of par rating backed by the contemporary grade GPS avionic stacks. Secondly, make sure you check whether the school gives you updated certified flight simulators or not. The student pilots should be able to log the time over the simulators in order to practice the man oeuvres and approaches with significantly lesser cost as compared to the flying actual aircraft. Check whether the flight school also uses its own mechanic. The onsite mechanical staff can help in giving lesser cancelled flights owing to technical reasons.


Making career in aviation industry is an expensive affair especially when you talk about pursuing the dreams of commercial pilot. If you talk about getting pilot’s license it can cost you around 12k to 15k dollars. However, students have the option of reducing the cost involved in different thing and thus can make things very much cheaper for you. This certainly includes finding cheapest pilot training school. Blue bird flight academy one of the best commercial pilot license training providing school in very lowest fee from other flying school.


Bluebird flight academy

ImageDo you want to become a pilot and get a wonderful carrier, then BLUE BIRD FLIGHT ACADEMY is your right choice. If you want to fly for a living, you’ll need to go to a school that offers you Private Pilot Training,   PPL Training, and Instrument Rating Training, to get a job as a pilot.

Our airline-style environment is a bonus, because you’ll learn how to fly like a professional from day one, utilizing crew resource management (CRM), flight dispatch, and company procedures. Generally speaking, the sooner you get hired in your first pilot job. Our flight academy typically offer the fastest way to earn the license and rating you need, then build flight hours to gain experience. Graduates of our flight academy are often hired on by the schools to teach the next generation of pilots. Although pay is generally pretty low, you are only here to build up the number of flight hours you need to apply, and get your next job as a pilot. By building the requisite number of hours quickly, aspiring professional pilots get into their next job faster, and build up seniority sooner, which can translate you into higher pay and better position in the company down the road.


There are several distinct advantages to attending a flight academy:

  •  Shorter training programs (through accelerated training)
  •  Airline-style training environment
  •  Lower costs
  •  The chance to build flight hours as a certified flight instructor upon graduation.

“We make sure to our student pilots have fun and enjoy their first flight, we offer a stress-free environment and experience for students to learn what a pilot training is all about.”