Which flying club is best for Indian students?

Commercial Flying is indeed one of the most lucrative career, which gives you a number of benefits. The Indian students who can afford going outside their nation to pursue their respective commercial flying training programs can choose any top institute or flying clubs, which is known to cater one of the best trainings and placements. Getting attached to any competent flying club can help you enjoy a wide range of benefits for you as is member. These include availing the inexpensive flying solutions, opening up the scheduling flexibility and rendering you the right sense of community among its fellow aviators. If you still not the part of any flying club, you can for sure contact the flying clubs and choose the best to get attached to it. You can for sure enjoy a wide range of benefits, which would be hard to find otherwise. Well, let’s check some of the best flying clubs for Indian Students as under:

Blue bird flight academy aircrafts
Blue bird flight academy aircrafts

Blue Bird Flight Academy, ChilliWack, British Columbia, Canada

Whether it is commercial or personal flying, one of the leading institute that comes into picture in Canada is Blue Bird Flight Academy. It gives wings to the desires and dreams of people who is keen to make their career in flying aircrafts. There is a constant demand for having pilot licenses and we see a growing urge and aspirations of people in this field. This flying club is known to have one of the best competence in training students for different flying machines. You can find the flying licenses without wasting much of your time here since the instructors and faculty members are strong and experienced ones. The students here learn the core flying skills from the best trainers and they groom up the best in this field. All the aircrafts found in this flying club are highly maintained as per the required standards, while the maintenance crew taking care of this renders fast and efficient services simply ensure the fact that the airplane remains reliable and safe.



How to Choose Best Flying School in Canada?

Learning to fly is often one of the most incredibly rewarding adventures, which many people dream to do one day. Here you get the liberty to move in the three dimensions, which is not only a fun and adventure stuff but can even offer you one of the interesting career options.

  In order to benefit the best from the aviation career, you are supposed to have a tangible kind of information on aviation training, which offers you safe, confident and secured pilot training in air. One of the key steps in this process includes finding out the best flying school. Without having aviation experience on which you need to base your decision, choosing the right flying school in Canada can be a formidable job. Aviation career is procedural, which is certainly not suited to impatience. Whether you are flying the airplane or choosing in any school, making hasty and rash decisions can cost you in big way. Similar should be your approach while choosing a good flying school. The following tips can help you in this regard; let’s have a look at them:

career in flight training

Check the Logistics

The very first element to check while deciding upon one of the best flying school is to start with the logistics it encompasses. First things first, calculate the expenses the school incurs at the front. As different schools vary in terms of fees and rates and in terms of the availability of financial aid, which may not be available in all the schools. Hence in the very first step you should get the comprehensive quote from the top five schools (at least to compare and choose the competitive one), which should cover incidental fees like written tests, check rides, equipments, taxes, etc. Also, check the insurance coverage of the flight school as it should be able to protect you from the liability while using their equipment. Lastly, in this head, you are supposed to check the school locations. If your area fails to have good flying schools, instead of choosing the lower quality schools it is always better to relocate to a place wherein you can find one of the best school. Consider the school having a busy aviation neighbourhood, which can offer you additional training opportunities including communicating with the help of control tower and navigating the restricted airspace.

Check the quality of instructions

The other vital element to check in a flying school is the quality of instructions. For this, you are supposed to meet the flight instructors of your potential school. Talk to them about your objectives and the way they train. Consider any cheaper introductory flight and choose any instructor whom you can find worthy to deliver quality training. You can schedule your session with the chosen instructor and then can develop a good rapport with the said instructor. Secondly, check the number of flight instructors in the staff list of your potential school, which is backed by a master rating. The schools with more number of master instructors will be competent enough to render your higher quality instruction. Cross check the range of pilot ratings found at your potential flight school and lastly consider a school, which can offer you a complete range of ratings including private pilot and certified instructor. Lastly inquire about any additional training amenities, which can be included in the program including the study areas and the free practise test sessions. All these features would help in boosting up the quality of your training and thus showcase their commitment to its students.

Check the Equipments

Last important element to check is the equipments. Count the total number of aircraft the school has. If you find the school having only limited number of aircraft as compared to too many, it can take more time and cost to finish your training program. Secondly inspect the quality of the aircraft. A good amount of planes and equipments should be of par rating backed by the contemporary grade GPS avionic stacks. Secondly, make sure you check whether the school gives you updated certified flight simulators or not. The student pilots should be able to log the time over the simulators in order to practice the man oeuvres and approaches with significantly lesser cost as compared to the flying actual aircraft. Check whether the flight school also uses its own mechanic. The onsite mechanical staff can help in giving lesser cancelled flights owing to technical reasons.


Making career in aviation industry is an expensive affair especially when you talk about pursuing the dreams of commercial pilot. If you talk about getting pilot’s license it can cost you around 12k to 15k dollars. However, students have the option of reducing the cost involved in different thing and thus can make things very much cheaper for you. This certainly includes finding cheapest pilot training school. Blue bird flight academy one of the best commercial pilot license training providing school in very lowest fee from other flying school.

Pilot Training

Training which is related to pilot studies , is known as pilot training . Pilot training is one of the biggest part of aviation , as it involves a lot if dollars , hard work and effort .
This is Captain Tom Joseph captain Air Costa airlines , I underwent my pilot training at one of the most well known flight school blue bird flight academy Canada . I finished my pilot training and attained commercial pilot license is just 8 months . My flight school is one of the best school in Canada , as the school excels in providing quality pilot training . School has nearly 35 aircrafts and over 45 flight instructors . All have airline transport rating and are minimum class 2 level flight instructor . Blue bird has made learning pilot training very easy as the training pattern followed there is practical and technical in nature . Instructors won’t ask you to bi heart the maneuvers rather make you understand and then follow it .
There are different types of pilot training courses –
Recreational pilot license
Private pilot license
Commercial pilot license
Cadet program
Multi engine rating
Instrument rating


Each one if above gas different requirements Snd can be done on different type of aircrafts too . Course duration for each pilot training courses varies but on an average it take about 2-3 months to attain each one above . Recreational pilot training , private pilot training can be only conducted on a single engine non high performance aircraft where as commercial , multi and instructor training can be conducted on multi engine aircraft .
As a senior captain I would like to suggest you that it is very important to train from good pilot training schools as these courses are very professional in nature . I have full trust and faith on blue bird flight academy as it’s a tried and tested school for thousands of students . So for any pilot training course bluebird Nice is your best bet .


The infinite blue sky has always been a fascination for everybody, and making it a part of your career, would turn out to be one blissful profession, pilot training.

With the expansion of trade and augmentation of globalization, transport has become an indispensable requirement which has heavily lead in increase of the amount of aviation services and hence forth progressively people have started considering pilot training as a career option and there is no dubiousness about the fact that this service of aviation, since started by the renowned Wright Brothers, has shown tremendous amounts of success and growth.
The profession of a pilot is certainly accompanied by vast number of precious and moral experiences, the career is not only supported by a good return in terms of salary, it also gives one an opportunity to grow. Pilot training allows one to better reflexes but also the skill of a good and quick judgment considering the available aspects.
The field is vast and provides droves of options to choose from in the aviation sector, for instance the much availed commercial sector.
However as we are well aware, nothing comes easy in this world, and certainly a profession with so many advantages requires investment of loads of time and hardwork, It also may lead to situations when a person has to overlook failure even multiple times, but it is important to keep in mind that ‘failure is success, if we learn from it’ and so keep ourselves attached and focused to our goal.
The most important factor obviously keeping aside experience, is the judgement of a person to enroll into a training center that can judge and impart knowledge of situations that a pilot might have to face, It is an absolute benefit if the person is able to understand the different components of aviation and how a tricky situation has to be dealt with a blend of speedy response and consumed know how, in addition, one should be well informed of the degree of variations that can occur in span of a flight and the proper control required to maintain a normal situation. The process of learning to fly an aircraft is delicate and meticulous and calls for plenty of attention from the aviator.
The occupation demands explicit comprehension of navigation and the proper protocol of governing a flight. If not as a good aviator but as a good pilot, one must learn and instill in oneself a sense of calm and confidence, for it is the pilot who saves the hopes of seated passengers in panic situations.
Anybody with possession of such basic characteristics, willingness to learn and a body physically and mentally fit to adjust to different spaces, can enroll himself for pilot training and is bound to find limitless merry success in this branch.